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McAfee & Life Education

McAfee & Life Education

Every day, McAfee people work to protect people, businesses and governments from skyrocketing malware and increasingly sophisticated global cyber criminals.

McAfee and Life Education Australia have both identified a need for greater awareness-raising and cyber safety education aimed at young Australians. Life Education Australia's mission is to empower children to make safe and healthy decisions, a vision which matches well with McAfee's initiatives to fight cybercrime and help Australians stay safe and protected online.

On June 27, 2012, McAfee formed a partnership with Life Education Australia, the largest non-government provider of health education to children and young people. In 2013, Life Education expanded its national health and wellbeing program in Australia to include McAfee cyber safety content. In the first year over 100,000 students participated in Life Education cyber safety programs.

The national cyber education program includes new Life Education Social Skills and Cyber Safety module "bCyberwise" for middle primary students. Life Education utilises McAfee's expertise and experience in the security industry for the development of cyber safety content for upper primary students and includes strategies to deal with unsafe online situations.

The cyber security element of the program aligns with the State, Territory and future National Curriculum covering communication, relationships, decision-making and safety. It provides knowledge, skills and strategies to empower children to use technology safely, build positive relationships and contribute to the safety of others online.

To book a Cyber Education program presentation for your school community or to find out more information, contact Life Education.

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